Material Safety Data Sheet

Section 1 ---Product Identification and Use
Product Identifier----Terraluft (TAC-106)
Product use----Degreaser
Manufacturers Name Azure Blue Inc.
765 E Greg St #104
Sparks, Nevada 89431
Emergency Telephone No: 800-424-9300 775-356-2709

Section 2---Hazardous Ingredients
Hazardous ingredients % CAS#
Nonylphenol polyethoxyethanol 3% 26027-38-3

Section 3---Physical Data
Physical state Odor & Color Odor threshold
Liquid no distinct odor Green N/A
Vapor Pressure Vapor Density Evaporation Rate Boiling Freezing
N/A N/A N/A 100C 0C
pH 11.4 Specific Gravity 1.054

Section 4---Fire and Explosion Data
Means of Extinction----Product is non-combustible. Water spray (FOG) Dry Chemical, CO2or Foam may be used where Product is Stored
Flashpoint Upper Flammable Limit Lower Flammable Limit
Explosion Data Sensitivity to Static Discharge

Section 5---Reactivity Data
Chemical Stability----Yes
Incompatibility with other substances----Yes
Avoid strong acids, strong oxidizers, don't mix with chlorinated detergents or sanitizers.
Reactivity and under what conditions----N/A
Hazardous Decomposition Products---- Burning may produce carbon monoxide and or carbon dioxide

Product Identifier Terraluft (TAC-106)
Section 6---Toxicological Properties
Skin contact Eye contact Ingestion
Effect of Acute Exposure to Product: Prolonged or repeated contact of concentrated product w/skin or eyes may cause irritation and reddening, Ingestion may cause nausea vomiting and mucosal damage.
Exposure Limit Irritancy of Product Sensitization to Product Carcinogenicity
Teratogenicity Reproductive Toxicity Mutagenicity Synergistic Products

Section7---Preventive Measures
Personal Protective Equipment
Gloves Respirator Eye
Rubber or PVC Not required under normal conditions Safety Glasses
Avoid misting
Footwear Clothing (Normal Work) Other
N/A Clothing Covering Arms & Legs N/A

Engineering controls (Specify EG Ventilation Enclosed Process)
Mechanical Exhaust
Leak and Spill Procedure: Safely stop spill at source. Contain spill by diking w/soil or other inert material, Mop, Pump or absorb and reclaim into sound container for proper disposal
Waste Disposal: Dispose of in approved waste facility according to federal, State, Province and local regulation.
Handling Procedure and Equipment: Do not expose product to excessive heat or near freezing temperature.
Storage Requirements: Store above freezing, and below 65C.
Special Shipping Information: N/A

Section 8---First Aid Measures
Eyes: Flush with water for at least 15 min. and call Physician immediately
Skin: Wash affected area with large amounts of soap and water. If irritation persists call Physician
Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting dilute by drinking water call Physician immediately
Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. Start artificial respiration if necessary. Oxygen may be administered. Call Physician

Section 9---Preparation Date of MSDS
Prepared by Phone Number Date
Azure Blue Inc. (775) 356-2709 9/9/92