Trouble Shooting:
Stuck valve
Remove the six 30mm caps from the brass
Pump head and pull out the valves to check
For proper one-way flow
Low pressure

Worn Nozzle

Air leak in inlet Plumbing

Unloader set on wrong pressure

Inlet filter clogged

Inadequate inlet water supply

Leak on high pressure side of system

Replace nozzle of proper size

Reseal inlet plumbing

Turn Black unloader knob until proper
Pressure is achieved

Clean inlet filter

Increase inlet water supply

Replace high pressure hose

Pump runs rough

Pressure very low

Inlet restriction, or inlet air leak
Check for foreign material, & air leak
Water leak under pump
Worn Packing
Install new packing
Oil leak between crankcase And pumping section
Worn piston rod seal O-ring on plunger retainer worn
Replace rod seal and O-ring
Oil leaking in crankshaft Area
Worn crankshaft seal or improperly installed O-ring Bad Bearing

Replace seals and O-rings

Replace Bearing

Water in Crankcase

May be caused by humid air condensing into water
inside crankcase

Worn packing or piston rod sleeve, O-ring or plunger
retainer worn

Change oil use 30wt non-detergent

Replace packing , replace O-ring

Loud knocking noise in Pump
Broken or worn bearing
Replace bearing
Frequent or premature failure of the packing

Damaged plunger

Overpressure to inlet

Abrasive material being Pumped

Excessive temperature of Inlet fluid

Running Pump Dry

Replace Plunger

Lower inlet pressure

Install proper inlet filter

Reduce temperature of inlet fluid below 120F

Do not run without water